Internship in Bali

Marketing Internship

3-6 months internship with review for full time employment abroad. Potential Asia seeks candidates with a passion for travel and working remotely, with potential to become an integral part of our team. This is not a typical errand-running, copy-making internship; we’re looking for someone who can contribute to our company’s culture, strategy, and vision.


Preferred Skills 

Our ideal candidate is Technology and Internet savvy, with strong writing skills and a creative eye (blogging/writing experience is a plus.)


Internship Responsibilities

•Support the development of appropriate marketing materials to strengthen our brand in Germany, Spain or Australia

Manage our merchants database, compile and analyze merchant profiles to develop targeted campaigns to improve service and increase business

•Generate viral content and press coverage for our Brands

•Generate ideas, develop, write and direct the design of the our websites, marketing materials, PR and newsletters

for more details send e-mail to [email protected]


Mrz 28, 2016